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Paracord bracelet black

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Bracelet of survival – PARACORD black

Survival Bracelet braided parachute cord for foolproof resistance. Closed with a clip for easy and quick removal with one hand.
In an emergency or trouble, this bracelet can unpack and turn into very strong rope for multiple uses:
- Attach objects to your backpack,
- Maintain a net in place,
- Maintain the equipment,
- Make a survival shelter,
- Replace a climbing rope rescue,
- Make a trap,
- Make a raft,
- Replace a shoelace,
- Do a repair,
- A compression point, etc....

Survival bracelets were first used in the military. So it is a reliable and truly useful, though some are just decoratively...

- You will always have 2.25 - 2.5 m rope at hand,
- The rope bracelet form avoids it can tangle and knot tying impossible to undo when you need it,
- The bracelet is light and cannot bother you,
- It is indestructible,
- The Paracord can support a load of 250 kg

The length of the rope can reach up to 2.50 meters for bracelets size L and up to 2.25 meters for the size M.

Dimensions size L:
- Rope length: 250 cm / 2.5 m
- Wrist circumference: max 230 mm / 23 cm

Dimensions M size:
- Rope length: 225 cm / 2.25 m
- Wrist circumference: max 20 cm

- Material: 100% Polyester Paracord (parachute cord)
- Color: Black (also available in army green and desert)

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Paracord bracelet black

Paracord bracelet black

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